Robert Redford: The Spin

With all the spin… the flip, the bob, the weave… the duplicitous behavior coming from the Republicans… scrapping around in campaign desperation. Blurring the facts seems to be a strategy.

But what’s not a blur is that the Republican party has had it all for the last 8 years – Presidency and national administration, both houses of Congress, even, one might argue, the Supreme Court.

All of this power was completely in their hands at a period in our history when innovation and opportunity has abounded. What have they done with it? Launched a war based on lies, undermined seminal laws of the land, ran our economy into the ground; left 47 million Americans without health care, presided over massive American job loss and home foreclosures, not addressed social security or quality education or sustainability in our environmental and energy policy.

Deregulation? It’s pretty much been a GOP mainstay. Let the market solve it. And look where it’s gotten us. They try to rewrite history with their meanness, their lies, and their spin. But we can’t buy it again, unless of course, we want more of the same. They have plunged not only America, but the world into an uncertain future on so many levels.

And so it’s really quite simple. They’ve had their time. Look at what they’ve done with it. An extension of that? Are we crazy?

The choice has never been, more clear, between two futures.

- Robert Redford