Robert Redford: The American People

Are we missing something? The simple and clear story? The real story?

To resurrect a popular campaign phrase from a while back:
Are you better off than you were 4 years ago? How about 8 years ago?

I do admire the messaging skill of the Republican machine — simple, clear, repetitive and strong.

But wrong.

The highly skilled deception. The highly skilled distraction… from reality… and the real lives of people.

I notice the repeat of the phrase “the American people,” used so many times in the rhetoric of President Bush — who has arguably done more to hurt and undermine these very same people than anyone in modern political history. And now his party’s presidential and vice presidential nominees have picked up the same mantra to push an extension of the same plans that have devastated “the American people.”

It’s an obvious attempt to attach their cynical message to the people. But the message and the policies it pushes couldn’t have more disregard for “the American people,” their dignity and the reality they face in the uncertain future designed by this crowd.

“The American people” deserve better than this.

- Robert Redford