Reading Comprehension 102: On the Economy

Given the lack of damage control in her seemingly never-ending supply of weapons-grade dumb [], it’s tempting to believe that Sarah Palin has all the self-awareness of a coffee grinder. Occasionally, though, something breaks through; she senses people are……mocking her? Is that the right word?…. and feels compelled to take another bite at the apple. For example, after her inability to name a single newspaper or magazine she regularly reads to stay informed [], Palin decided that was the one she needed to walk back lest anyone think that she was maybe pushing the envelope on the whole anti-intellectual thing (apparently someone pointed out to her the impossibility of reading every publication currently in circulation).

So Palin checked the Google for some Supreme Court cases she could wow Sean Hannity with (who didn’t so much pitch Palin softballs as set up the T-Ball stand), and put that “annoying” Katie Couric in her place by namedropping the New York Times and The Economist as among her reading list fav’s.

We’ve already seen the firm analytical grasp she has on the NYT.

Sarah Palin reads The Economist?

In that case, has she read this? [] If so, it’s hard to believe Sarah Six-pack understands what she thinks she understands.[/url] It’s like the inverse of the Playboy excuse; “I don’t read the articles, I just look at the pictures.” Except in this case, even the pictures are punishing*.

• Concerned that the poll may be improperly weighted by not sampling enough Republican economists? There’s a reason they’re hard to find; they’re not particularly good at what they do:

(via) []

To be fair, if I had to go out and pitch “GOP-Brand Fiscal Conservatism” with the track record it’s got, I’d play dumb too.

–Michael Turner