Political Fashion Do's and Don'ts

If spending $150,000 of campaign donations on clothes is a political fashion DON’T, then looking like Jackie O in a $30 dress is definitely a fashion DO.

The Huffington Post just posted a throwback clip from another era of the campaign. Here the Obamas appear on Access Hollywood discussing their fashion and how much Michelle spends on clothes. You couldn’t create or finance a better attack ad if you tried.

Watch it here. [www.youtube.com]

Barack can’t hide his squeamishness about putting his young daughters in the spotlight. His discomfort made me feel uncomfortable, but in a good way. In the way we all should when seeing parents putting their children on television or seeing presidential candidates talking about clothes!

And how about Michele? Does she suddenly feel entitled to designer clothing now that she is in the public eye with her husband running for president? Nope? She is even more humble (or perhaps less snobby) than I am: she admitted to wearing an inexpensive dress from The Gap. And the dress that made it into fashion magazine headlines was a $125 job from Black & White.

You watch this and believe the message the candidates have been stumping around the country trying to convey to the American people: we are one of you.

Barack wears the same old pants he’s been wearing for years. He needs new shoes. He doesn’t know the name of any designers. He wants to see receipts when his wife brings home new clothes. He never gets new clothes. But as his youngest daughter, Sasha, pointed out, “we buy you ties!”

Yup, sounds familiar.

So how about instead of all these stump speeches and smears, we take a retrospective look at the candidates in the raw, (at least to the extent that their appearances on shows like Access Hollywood are “in the raw”), before the campaign turned into this mad dash to the finish line and everyone is going a bit nuts.

–Jamie Wong