Lee Daniels

Producer and Director Lee Daniels weighs in on the ten election questions…

1. What’s your favorite political movie?

I have two. One is a documentary by Shola Lynch titled CHISHOLM 72; UNBOUGHT AND UNBOSSED. It’s a bio on Shirley Chisholm. The other is Oliver Hirschbiegel’s THE DOWNFALL.

2. What role do you feel art plays in politics?

It’s a very powerful tool that forces you to look at things from a different perspective.

3. What do you think is the biggest issue for the next generation of Americans?

We have to get rid of this “American’s being number one concept” and collaborate with other nations… that and saving our planet.

4. Who was the first political candidate you were excited to vote for and why?

Jimmy Carter ( I think it was because he seemed ordinary – you know? Kinda regular with the peanuts and all…)

5. What factors are important to you in choosing a president?

They change as you get older, become wiser I guess… If I wanted ordinary/regular I’d be voting for that governor from Alaska. You can’t get anymore regular than that. I can’t even say that honesty matters anymore because I love Bill Clinton to this day, even after he looked me and America in the eyes and lied about Monica. I guess what I am looking for now is depth of character and a sense of strong leadership.

6. What issues would you like to see politicians focus more on?

I’d like to see them not dance around issues on same sex marriage.

7. Which issues would you like to see politicians focus less on?

I’d like to see them focus less on tearing each other down.

8. Which candidate’s initiatives do you feel better address environmental concerns?

Neither really but if I’d have to choose… Obama.

9. This is your soapbox – shout it out! What do you need to get off your chest?

That chick from Alaska is outta her fuckin mind!!!! And there’s something dangerous about that dude… I’m glued to watching them!

10. Do you have any recommended links, books or movies so people can learn more about the issues you care about?

None that I can think of.