Introducing Voices On The Election!

Welcome to Sundance Channel’s Voices On The Election site. It’s easy to get lost in the rhetoric of the election and we don’t claim to have answers. Instead of approaching the election from one angle or another we decided the best angle would be to reach out to artists, political rabble rousers and thinkers and find out their take.

The site will be updated several times a day and include contributions from celebrities and non-celebrities, news, op-ed pieces and original video related to the major issues of the election. The original web series will include:

• Attack Ads, a series of funny, irreverent, mock political advertisements by Amsterdam based comedy troupe Boom Chicago,

• Dave Hill’s Guide to Voting, which features fun tongue-in-cheek tips for surviving this election season by comedian Dave Hill;

• Project Vote, a series of mock U.S. primary elections held on the streets of Bombay, London and Mexico City by the Panty Raiders (Huffington Post Contagious Festival winner);

• Sometimes the Dream is Real, a mini-opera in three acts by comedian/songwriter David Driver (2008 Webby nominee) and

• The Naked Campaign, a series of animated, documentary vignettes profiling the presidential candidates by Gail Levin that features the work of New Yorker caricaturist, Steve Brodner.

The site will also feature daily blog posts from Jamie Wong, writer and political junkie who currently works at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and from Michael Turner, political analyst and blogger for the Regional News Network in New York (RNN); full-time media watchdog and part-time cynic.

The site will also include several blog posts from Robert Redford and celebrity contributions from Ted Nugent, Ralph Nader and many more. Guest contributors will provide a glimpse into their political views and provide information about causes and groups they support.