Fighting the Politics of Hatred

What’s the best way to fight a fire? Any fireman will tell you that the answer is not fire, it’s yelling “fire!”

The same goes for hatred. The best way for those who oppose the smears by the McCain campaign to fight back is to expose it and call it what it is: hatred!

Today Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Films [] is releasing the latest installment of its The Real McCain series of online ads called Tell McCain to End the Politics of Hate []. This one has captured most of the moments of hate into a single reel, and it’s pretty impressive, even if you have been following the news all along.

This ad shows how McCain and Palin can speak for themselves. Obama and his supporters do not need to throw dirty words back. The best way to smear them is to let them smear themselves. And everyone—even conservative columnists []—seems to agree: at this, they are doing quite well.

Noonan’s column on Friday, though drenched with skepticism all around, particularly in regards to the polls, took aim at the McCain campaign. Noonan wrote: “Here is a warning for Republicans: When your crowds go from ‘I love you’ to ‘I hate the other guy,’ you are in trouble, you are on a losing strain. Winning campaigns are built on love. This is the time for ‘McCain is the answer,’ not ‘The other guy is questionable.’” []

Noonan also pointed out—and I agree—that while mainstream consensus say that McCain’s campaign has put itself on a path to losing, Obama’s camp should not be reveling in a victory they have not yet achieved. This could end up being as dangerous for the Democrats as McCain’s hate politics is for the Republicans.

–Jamie Wong