EcoDriving: What Is It?

California’s Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, came to power in his environmentally concerned state in part because he believed that people and the government need to do something about climate change. While Governor Schwarzenegger has committed California to many government programs that advance the cause of a healthier environment, he is also exhorting people to do what they can for the environment in their daily lives. Part of this public outreach is taking place on a new website called EcoDriving USA [].

The website provides advice for car drivers on how they can lower their carbon footprint from their perches on car seats. Educating people on ways to conserve energy are crucial to preventing a climate disaster. Given the slow pace of alternative energy adoption in this country, there are few avenues for average Americans to make a difference than employing conservation strategies in their daily lives.

Check out this resource and see what you can accomplish!