Debate Highlights II

Everyone knew it was coming. McCain’s eyelids had been telegraphing it like Morse since the final degate began. The Ayers/Acorn one-two, Rev. Wright and Tony Rezko implicitly implied, the money shot for the McCain/Palin rally monkeys. Obama had been sticking his jaw out, waiting for it, and when McCain landed the punch Obama reacted as if McCain had delved into Canadian trade deals. McCain declined to follow up his assertion that “details needed to be known” by asking about any, and thousands of Palin fanboys gnashed their teeth in impotent frustration and turned off the debate, which is a shame, ‘cause there was some interesting stuff in the second half. So here’s a brief highlight reel []:

McCain: Well, Americans have gotten to know Sarah Palin…

32% favorability. Yes, we have gotten to know her. []

McCain: ….it’s time we had that bresh of freth air (sic) — breath of fresh air coming into our nation’s capital and sweep out the old-boy network and the cronyism that’s been so much a part of it that I’ve fought against for all these years

”I smell like mothballs.”

Schieffer: Do you (Obama) think she’s qualified to be president?

Obama: PASS

Obama: I think it’s very commendable the work she’s done on behalf of special needs. I agree with that, John. I do want to just point out that autism, for example, or other special needs will require some additional funding, if we’re going to get serious in terms of research…..And if we have an across-the-board spending freeze, we’re not going to be able to.


McCain: …..we’ve sailed Navy ships around the world for 60 years with nuclear power plants on them. We can store and reprocess spent nuclear fuel, Senator Obama, no problem.

Okay, maybe a small problem. []

McCain: We can offshore drill now. We’ve got to do it now. We will reduce the cost of a barrel of oil because we show the world that we have a supply of our own.

…because of we don’t tear apart the sofa for loose change right now, we’ll never afford a new house.

McCain: …..if you don’t get — adopt the health care plan that Senator Obama mandates, he’s going to fine you. Now, Senator Obama, I’d like — still like to know what that fine is going to be, and I don’t think that Joe right now wants to pay a fine when he is seeing such difficult times in America’s economy.…..
Obama: I’m happy to talk to you, Joe, too, if you’re out there. Here’s your fine — zero. You won’t pay a fine, because…

There’s really nothing to add to this moment in writing. The look on McCain’s face is priceless, like he’d just been slapped with a mackerel. You can watch the video here. []

McCain: This really gets down to the fundamental difference in our philosophies. If you notice that in all of this proposal, Senator — government wants — Senator Obama wants government to do the job.

Senator Government. One of the greatest Freudian slips of all time.

McCain: I would consider anyone in their qualifications. I do not believe that someone who has supported Roe v. Wade that would be part of those qualifications. But I certainly would not impose any litmus test.

Considering anybody except for those who do X… a litmus test.

Obama: Senator McCain and I disagreed recently when the Supreme Court made it more difficult for a woman named Lilly Ledbetter to press her claim for pay discrimination……

Hello, ladies.

McCain: I don’t know how you align yourself with the extreme aspect of the pro- abortion movement in America…

Holy $#!T! There’s a pro-abortion movement? And an extreme one, at that? Isn’t that redundant? Not to mention, f#%k you too?

McCain: Just again, the example of the eloquence of Senator Obama. He’s health for the mother. You know, that’s been stretched by the pro-abortion movement in America to mean almost anything. That’s the extreme pro-abortion position, quote, “health.”

Air quotes??? That sound you hear is McCain’s polling among women going ker-splattttt.

All in all, John McCain was as energetic as he’s been in any of the debates, which has to be a step up, but he was rambling, unfocused, and angry (and hurting). If I didn’t know better, it looked like he split an eight-ball with W. in the limo. Obama, on the other hand, probably had the mellowest of his three debates, and given his goal of seeming a reassuring presence to those unfamiliar with him, he was the teacher parents trusted and kids admired. That’s 3 for 3.

Now, if only this all meant something.

– Michael Turner