Bush's Last Days: Partying Like it's 99

Bush is officially down to his last 99 days in office. It’s hard to tell who’s happier about this: Bush himself or the American people. Two years ago, Bush assured Americans that we would “sprint to the finish,” [blogs.usatoday.com] but he’s made a lot of promises. As the official double-digit days countdown begins, it’s hard to imagine the country being in worse shape. The war in Iraq has already lasted almost as long as World War II, and there’s no end in sight. An economic crisis has left countless people without homes, without retirement and without money to put food on the table. We still have no solution to a growing energy crisis that is forcing us to occupy foreign land and is making this country one of the primary contributors to the destruction of the globe.

And how did Bush spend the weekend?

If your guess is golfing or fishing, you’re close. He visited the Little League World Series Champions, the Simpsonville Little League Softball team in South Carolina. Seems like the right move for someone who has 100 days left to start cleaning up the largest mess created by any president. After all, I’m sure he needs to spend his time doing something uplifting. At 25 percent, Bush’s approval rating has never been lower and no other president (since approval ratings began) has has a worse approval rating. Can you blame a guy for wanting some love? And who better to give it to him than kids who didn’t even know how talk when he took office and who don’t know what the terms sub-prime, deficit or recession mean?

In the next 99 days I expect nothing from Bush—at least nothing that will move this country in a positive direction. My only fear is that if presented with the opportunity to make things worse, Bush will take it, as he always does.

Actually, I have another fear, and it’s that while McCain is campaigning and Bush is attending little league celebrations and G7 meetings, Dick Cheney is whispering secrets into Sarah Palin’s ear, putting us all at risk for another 2,920 days of Bush.

–Jamie Wong