Answered by David Kline Guitarist for Birdmonster [].

Peter Arcuni, a native of Connecticut and former editorial assistant at Wired, formed Birdmonster in 2004 with three other local San Francisco musicians: childhood friends bassist Justin Tenuto, guitarist David Klein, and drummer Zach Winter. The band began by playing live shows, initially booking performances by offering to fill in opening act slots. They also courted Internet radio stations. The band released their self-titled EP in December 2004 and used proceeds from its sales to tour the United States.

The band received several offers for recording contracts and distribution, but turned them all down deciding to self-release their debut album, No Midnight.

In early 2008, the band began recording material for their new album, From the Mountain to the Sea, released on August 5. The album was released digitally by Fader Label via iTunes and Amazon and was released in stores on September 2. The album was produced and engineered by Tom Schick, who has also worked with Ryan Adams, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Norah Jones, and Rufus Wainwright.

Check out their latest album From The Mountain To The Sea available now on The FADER Label. Also, check out the video for their hit single “Iditarod” []

1. What’s your favorite political movie?


Sorry. DR. STRANGE GLOVE is absolutely brilliant. I am also a big 25TH HOUR fan.??

2. What role do you feel art plays in politics?

It’s always hard to talk about something as large and abstract as “Art” without sounding like a pretentious asshole. I’m just going to throw on my best cardigan, lean back in my imported leather sofa, and rub my chin in slow, aloof circles.

3. What do you think is the biggest issue for the next generation of Americans?

Over the last 8 years, the fundamental structure of our government has been systemically dismantled. The Executive Branch has granted itself enormous power. There is practically no oversight of the Bush Administration’s activities; even worse, it is virtually impossible to hold members of administration accountable for their crimes, some of which are literally treasonous. The next generation of Americans must find a way to bring transparency and accountability to our government.

4. Who was the first political candidate you were excited to vote for and why?

I voted for Ralph Nader in 2000. The press scapegoated Nader for costing Gore the election, and public opinion followed. In reality, the GOP did a magnificent job of stealing the election. They outsourced the vote-counting to private firms (who just happened to give them a lot of money), and they purged thousands of African Americans from the voter rolls by claiming that they were felons.

5. What factors are important to you in choosing a president?

Actually caring about the people who live and work in this country.

6. What issues would you like to see politicians focus more on?

Health care. I hurt my knee last year and even with insurance it cost me almost $2000 between x-rays, doctors visits, and physical therapy. I don’t know how a family with multiple children can cover the astronomical costs of decent coverage.

7. Which issues would you like to see politicians focus less on?

Ronald Regan’s legacy. I don’t think a Republican candidate can speak in public for more than 5 minutes without referrencing the Gipper.

8. Which candidate’s initiatives do you feel better address environmental concerns?

Without any doubt in my mind, Obama.

9. This is your soapbox – shout it out! What do you need to get off your chest?

Is it me, or is Sarah Palin a young Dolores Umbridge?

10. Do you have any recommended links, books or movies so people can learn more about the issues you care about?

Check out [] for more information about voter fraud and what you can do to help prevent it in the future.

Extra Credit: Fill in the blank. _________ for change.

CARPOOL TO WORK for a change.