Are You There, God? It's me, Sarah

Dear God, it’s me, Sarah,

I am not worried about Nov. 4, no sir-ee. I know it’s all in your hands and that you will do the right thing. Between you and me, I hope this means going back to my home in Alaska (if it means taking on those designer clothes with me!), but I know you have called me to serve, and while I do not quite understand why you tapped me, I know I cannot refuse your will.

But what’s most important to me now is not winning (oh, Lord, please don’t do that to me) or losing. Nope. I just don’t want you to let those elitists with their fancy four-college degrees in lower 48 make me look bad. Right now they are testing me, but when all is said and done, I want to go out with pride, dignity, control over Alaskans (and as I mentioned, the nice wardrobe there).

Oh, and God, is there anything you can do to make me feel less nervous in interviews? You know, I just start talking and talking and talking and I can’t seem to convey my own intelligence there, and you know, the other party is just so bad and I know I am so good because I have you in my heart that it seems unfair for those television people to chop up my words for me and give them meaning that I know you never intended for me. Or if you did intend them for me, do you think you could help me say them better? You know it’s really hard being a woman.

Bless you Lord for finally giving me an interview [] that made me sound good, with an interviewer who loves you as much as I do. As I told Dr. Dobson in the interview, I feel very blessed that you have chosen me to have a son with special needs. Like I said, that little bundle of joy has been a huge help to me as a hard-core pro-lifer. Now I can talk the talk and walk the walk! So thanks!

Go prayer warriors!


–Jamie Wong