Andy Martin and the Seeds of Hatred

Today The New York Times published an article about Andy Martin, [] the man who in 2004 started the false rumors that Obama is a Muslim. But The Times buried the lead.

Many paragraphs down, The Times reports that Martin—a law school graduate—was denied admission to the Illinois bar because of psychiatric problems consisting of a “‘moderately severe character defect manifested by well-documented ideation with a paranoid flavor and a grandiose character.’”

The Times also reported that a Fox News Channel documentary-style program “allowed Mr. Martin to assert falsely and without challenge that Mr. Obama had once trained to overthrow the government.”

The article later states that Martin “prepared to run as a Democrat for Congress in Connecticut, where paperwork for one of his campaign committees listed as one purpose ‘to exterminate Jew power’” and in the 1990s he had been incarcerated in Florida for a “physical altercation.”

This is the guy whose word Obama-haters are taking and running with, and Obama is the terrorist?!?

As clear as my bias stands in terms of this election, I do have to say, that from the bottom of my heart, this scares me. These past weeks of McCain-Palin campaigning have been frighting, and this article only validates my fear. These are the kinds of personalities and followings that have bred fascism in the world on far too many occasions.

I suppose on a certain level it brings me comfort that the man behind the Obama rumors has a psychological disorder that, one could conclude, informs his thinking and his actions. What’s troubling, however, are the hundreds of thousands of people—and two prominent ones in particular—who have jumped on his mentally unstable, hate-filled bandwagon and are trying to ride it all the way to the White House.

–Jamie Wong