After the Storm, Back to Reality

An Entertainment Weekly magazine reader poll showed that almost a third of those surveyed between 18 and 34 years old said they’d rather watch election coverage than reality television, because the politics this season are more entertaining. Another one in five of them said they watch election coverage because they are sick of old-school reality shows.

Perhaps one of the greatest consolation prizes for a failed political career is television stardom, and now couldn’t be a better time. After Mike Huckabee lost the primary, he was courted by one of the top five talent agencies and now has his own show on Fox News called, Huckabee.

And Sarah Palin brings the stuff that television stars are made of: ratings. Palin’s appearances on Saturday Night Live and CBS Evening News increased their ratings by double-digits, according to the Hollywood Reporter [].

“Sarah Palin would be great. The passion she has on each side, love and hate, makes television people say, ‘Wow, imagine the viewership.’” said morning-show producer Steve Friedman.

But unfortunately for her, if she and McCain lose the election on November 4, she won’t be able to take her talent to the small screen. An Alaska law [] prohibits her from taking a job on television while she is still in public office in Alaska. So where does this leave Palin? “Shakin’ things up” back in Anchorage for two more years, with either a presidential run or a television career practically guaranteed in 2012.

–Jamie Wong