Timberland "Dig It" Green Initiatives

Timberland works to provide people with the perfect tools to explore nature. Not just satisfied with helping people obtain the right gear to work and play outside, Timberland’s is also collaborating with green charities that work to improve the natural spaces in modern cities. Timberland started a special branch of their company called Earthkeepers, and this dedicated group focuses exclusively on environmental programs and initiatives. Timberland’s Earthkeepers are very shortly going to run a special green initiative called ‘Dig It,’ and you can get all the details after the picture below.

Get ready to meet the people in your local community who are working to make a difference. Be a part of ‘Dig It’ – a four-city initiative designed to bring eco-minded activists and artists together for a day of environmentalism, tree planting, art and music. For the daytime community greening events, Timberland will partner with American Forests, the non-profit organization focused on planting trees for environmental restoration and pioneering the science and practice of urban forestry. Timberland and American Forests will marshal approximately 200-300 volunteers to help plant trees in each city with the aid of local partners, including EarthWorks Projects in Boston; New York Restoration Project (NYRP) in New York; North East Trees in Los Angeles; and Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF) in San Francisco. Each organization will target an environmentally neglected area in their city and plant trees, clean sites, and educate neighbors about the importance of maintaining these new green spaces in their communities. At night, participants will enjoy an eco-festival and concert headlined by Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam.

The events will kick off in Boston on Oct. 1 and will continue through New York (10/4), Los Angeles (10/11) and San Francisco (10/18).

The ‘Dig It’ program is a good example of how Timberland is promoting its internal corporate responsibility commitment to the environment — directly impacting consumers. Check out the map marker for the Boston event here [www.sundance.tv].

How you can get involved with Dig It:

- Sign up on Earthkeepers [www.Earthkeeper.com] to participate in the greening event and receive a free ticket to the Stone Gossard and friends concert and eco-festival
- View videos and download free music from Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam [www.pearljam.com]
- Facebook users can download the Earthkeeper application to download a virtual tree. For every virtual tree downloaded, Timberland will plant a real tree apps.new.facebook.com
- Watch videos on the Earthkeeper YouTube channel [www.youtube.com]
- Readers can visit the Earthkeeper blog [earthkeeper.com]

The “Dig It” greening events are part of Timberland’s commitment to green 300 communities around the world over the next two years. Timberland has greened 149 communities in 2008 to date, and plan to complete 141 additional projects in 23 countries this fall.