Robert Redford's Energy Position

Robert Redford has been an advocate for environmental sustainability for a long time. He has dedicated his life to promoting responsible solutions to the climate crisis. Recently, Robert Redford has chosen to focus on the topic of energy; you will find some of the possible reasons for his choice in the paragraph below.

A major portion of the forces disrupting a healthy climate comes from the production and use of 20th century energy sources. These are things like coal power, nuclear power, hydroelectric power, natural gas and fossil fuel use in automobiles. Robert Redford believes that we already have alternatives to these polluting technologies. We believe he is completely correct in his assessment; wind, solar, and waste energy are all viable sources of energy in a world that has already harnessed them to power a portion of the world economy.

Mr. Redford delivers his

His speech bears direct consequences to the political theater in this election year. He cautions people against taking energy solution advice from Washington, noting that the government has been managing the energy policies for the last 20 years. He points out that these energy policies shaped and delivered the current energy crisis that is quickly draining the money out of American wallets. If Robert Redford is correct, voting for the Republicans (and some Democrats) is basically akin to the old adage of asking the fox to guard the hen house. According to Mr. Redford, “all we lack is honest, bold leadership.” Perhaps it is time for Mr. Redford to consider running for office himself. He certainly has the name recognition to be seriously considered.

One thing that is not specifically brought up in the speech, but which deserves attention, is a definition of which leaders Mr. Redford is saying that we need. We cannot just vote for a President who says he wants to solve the energy crisis, we also have to vote for the respective state representatives who make the commitment to energy independence. After all, nothing will happen if the President keeps on getting flawed legislation on his desk, even if some of it relates to the energy crisis. We need to fill up the Congress and the Senate with people who make energy independence their primary focus.

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