Majora Carter's ECO HEROES: Zem Joaquin

Zem Joaquin knows the value of green products. She runs a website company that supports designers who create sustainable products which are also designed impeccably. Her company, [], caters to people who love innovation and who have an all-consuming addiction to beautiful objects. Featuring categories of design such as beauty care, fashion, kids, lifestyle and the ever popular eco-chic tours, you can find many kinds of information on this fabulous internet destination.

Why does a focus on well-designed sustainable products make Zem Joaquin an ECO HERO? The answer may be found in an example from art history. Design and style elevated the work of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, and that work of art distinguished him from his peers. His art took people’s breath away and replaced it with a sense of inspiration. In some people, this inspiration transformed into a desire to create beautifully designed works of art themselves. It is a bit like watching an Olympic athlete do something completely amazing, and suddenly feeling the urge to get up and do something amazing oneself.

In the case of sustainably manufactured products like those that Ms. Joaquin’s Ecofabulous website covers, a consumer might initially buy one item based on the merits of its design; after using the product, they may then become more conscious of sustainability by also discovering the environmental benefits of that product. This new awareness of environmental considerations may lead them to buy other sustainable products in the future. Hence, the net result of is that it has supported greater consumer support for products that preserve the healthy ecosystem of the planet.

Check out the ECO HEROES video with Zem Joaquin.

In order to get a geographic appreciation of, make sure to check out Zem Joaquin’s Map Marker [] on Eco-mmunity Map.

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