Flying above New Orleans, I’m only just beginning to understand how lucky I’ve been. Years ago, had you told me I’d be coming here to help produce a documentary series, I would have rolled my eyes and said “I wish.” In 2005, I would have imagined the city only through Katrina’s lens and its devastating images. Now I’m sitting on a plane, looking down at Lake Pontchartrain, with a whole new understanding of what New Orleans is all about.

It’s been an honor for our crew to work in this town, and a privilege for us to film with the URBANbuild faculty, students, and partners, all of whom welcomed us into their lives – and in many cases, their homes – in a collaborative effort to demystify what it means to be in Architecture School.

As for the new house, it’s an extraordinary piece of work. (And the color looks great.) We watched it from the ground up, and soon you can too. We hope you enjoy every step of the way.

Thanks for joining us. And get on down to the Big Easy when you can. Your beignet awaits.

Signing off.

“Everyone who loves New Orleans learns to love it with its flaws. It may be hard for people who have never been to the Crescent City to understand the passionate love people have for it, to understand why it’s worth fighting for – why it matters…”

…There would be so many things to explain, and so many of them are visible only between the lines.”

- Tom Piazza from Why New Orleans Matters