All the hard labor is over, and so are the injuries that came with it (pink eye, beam-in-the-face, nail-through-the-hand, etc.) The students are down to the wire and they’re working fast, in anticipation of a much-needed summer break. Now it’s all about detail work: Applying a stair runner, sanding the front porch, installing the double-dutch glass doors, and crossing off punch list “to-do’s” faster than you can say “Gumbo.”

We’ve shot close to 400 hours and I’ve got upwards of 500 Appearance Releases in my notebook. Michael has already started working with Handcranked Productions [www.handcrankedproductions.com] on graphic ideas for the show’s open. (Handcranked also designed the graphic open for Sundance Channel’s Big Ideas for a Small Planet.) Our Assistant Editors are loading footage into the AVID (digital editing system) as we speak. Post Production is just around the corner. Where did the time go?

Soon the students will be saying their goodbyes, having completed their task on time and with great success. And we’ll be heading back to New York, where the rest of our job awaits.