A dangerous question around here lately.

The students are having a hard time agreeing on what color to paint the house exterior.

Adriana, whose winning design became URBANbuild House #3, is from Trinidad. No big surprise then, one might argue, that her preferred color palette evokes a tropical sea. But hometowns aside, both she and Byron agree that from an architectural point of view, a color should not overwhelm the original scheme – in this case, the ‘S’ shape that defined Adriana’s concept and has been so beautifully realized by the construction team.

The problem is that the other two URBANbuild houses are blue. And nobody can agree on the right shade of green. White’s out of the question, and don’t even mention the word “peachy” to Byron. So what’s left? What color will best separate the new house from its counterparts, while gracefully accentuating those SIPS (Structurally Insulated Panels) we’ve come to know and love? And why do I keep hearing barn jokes?