While the students have remained loyal to their labor of love despite the violence, a prospective homebuyer who fell head over heels for the second URBANbuild house now has misgivings.

Discrepancies are emerging between those who can afford the URBANbuild homes, those who can appreciate their architectural design, and those who are willing to live in this still-tenuous area. When will the right match come along? It’s like dating in New York. It requires a tremendous amount of faith and patience. And as much as we’d like to follow this story until a happy owner walks through the front door, our production schedule and our budget have limits.

This is one of the many challenging things about making documentary television. You can’t control the storyline, or wait around until the ending you want comes along. Ask Jamie, our Line Producer, who deals with our frantic phone calls all day. “Please, please get me back on Scripted,” she prays to the Gods of TV. On ARCHITECTURE SCHOOL, there are no scripts, and in our case, no formula either. We run around with a camera, capturing moments as they unfold. Back in the edit room, we’ll craft a unique style and we’ll tell a good story, but we can’t make fairy tales come true. And we can’t will events into happening. Like Michael always says, Tulane was going to build that house whether we filmed it or not. And someone will buy those houses when they’re ready to. Not when we are. Maybe we should add another credit to our roll. Creative Consultant: FATE. I mean, if you believe in that sort of thing.

Rachel Clift