Guess what, folks? It’s still Mardi Gras. And I hate to ask, but when’s the party over? This little girl is exhausted, and so are we.

Yesterday Rob went to the King Arthur parade and got hit in the head with a string of purple beads that actually drew blood. People have been stumbling down the street, yelling outside our apartment building all day, every day, for the past two weeks. And the masks. They’re starting to freak me out.

As for WORK, the roads are constantly blocked so we haven’t been able to shoot for three days… and counting, except for shooting parades on foot.

Meanwhile, the students haven’t touched a hammer since the shear wall went up last week. (See lonesome shear wall behind Amarit and drinking buddies below.) Argh! This might seem odd, but too many days off in a row can make you go crazy.

Morale of the story: If you decide to come on down next year for America’s biggest pre-Lent party, pick your days wisely… and bring hard hats. Turns out they come in handy.

Rachel Clift