EP 03 – ENTRY 07: WOOF!

Remember Coz, our adorable Crew Mascot? He came all the way from New York to keep us company during what is sometimes a difficult five-week stretch away from our friends and family. At the end of a long day, nothing beats coming home to an unconditionally loving pup!

So when it came time for Barkus, an all-dog Krewe and wordplay on the Bacchus parade, there was no question in our minds that Coz would participate. What we didn’t know is that he would prove to be one of the crowd’s best-dressed canines!

Okay, he was a little embarrassed at first, but when he saw that parade roll down St. Ann’s street…

…there was no denying it: He was psyched.

And apparently, so were the ladies…

I can’t resist. Here’s some of the best from the parade:

Like mother, like puppy.

Ladies in pink.

Fairies unite!


This year’s Barkus Queen, and her Dutchess.


Heading home for a nap. Phew. Exhausted.

Rachel Clift