It’s not ALL fun and games around here, in case you were beginning to wonder. Today was tough. Carter measured the stringers for the front steps incorrectly and had to redo everything. Byron was not a happy camper.

Meanwhile, two of our wireless mikes stopped working so we spent several hours figuring out how and when we could replace them. Almost everyone on the site is wearing a wireless “lavalier” microphone while we film, and all the tracks are monitored by our sound mixer. This allows Rob to move freely around the site without us having to worry about switching out mikes depending on who he’s shooting. But when more than one of the “lavs” breaks, you have to keep swapping them out from one person to the next as you shoot, which disrupts both the filming and the build process.

Twelve hours later, the day’s still not over. While Michael and Rob were checking two hundred new emails, I had to search my files for a Location Release I could have sworn I’d procured. But when Michael asked me for it – ‘poof.’ Nowhere to be found. Which means I’ll have to go back to the restaurant and get the owner to sign another one.

Which is not to say that there aren’t, occasionally, some fun and games around here.

Rachel Clift