Happy New Year! 2008 brings your dedicated Crew back to the streets of “NOLA” for ARCHITECTURE SCHOOL, Spring Semester: THE BUILD! I don’t know about y’all, but we’re ready to put on some serious hard hats.

While purple-clad, victorious, and hungover LSU (Louisiana State University) football fans stumbled home Monday morning after a winning championship game, Tulane URBANbuild students were already hard at work on the corner of Seventh and Dryades. And as usual, we were there, filming it all.

Build Day #1, which apparently involves a significant amount of orange spray paint. They use it to mark foundation and elevation measurements – now based, not surprisingly, on new post-Katrina city regulations.

The Crew is staging in an empty NHS house up for sale, a block away from the site. We’re all on walkie-talkies, so we’re in constant communication. But walkies don’t alleviate having to run up and down the block to deliver fresh P2 cards and batteries, ask on-camera people to sign releases, or watch scenes to log notes. We assigned the crew and the students each a secret walkie code name. I said “secret” – so don’t ask…

It was a fun day, as per Casey who said, without a hint of sarcasm: “It’s better than Disneyworld.” We’ll see how long that lasts. First up – organize the toolbox!

Rachel Clift