Ebay Starts a Green Dedicated Vendor Subsite

Ebay pioneered the huge marketplace of used goods. This in itself is a major environmental achievement because it gives products a second, third or fourth life. This principle of reuse makes a huge difference for consumers who can get a product cheaper than a retail location might offer it and also provides a direct environmental incentive in that it reduces the demand for raw material used in the production of brand new goods.

This incidental benefit to the environment apparently falls short of the environmental social responsibility that Ebay believes it can and should perpetuate. As a result, Ebay has decided to team up with WorldofGood.com to bring you a new dedicated destination in the Ebay sellers marketplace. This collection of Ebay goods will all come from sustainable sources or will be products that have the WorldofGood stamp of approval. This means that people on Ebay will have the option of going to a consumer section of the website where they can be guaranteed that their act of consumption will support positive, ecologically sound commerce.

It is exciting to see a major internet company increasing its role in the sustainable marketplace. Now it is up to consumers to frequent this portion of Ebay so that this green brand of commerce is expanded.

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