Clue(less): A Republican Murder Mystery

The cake is baked. We’re entering the finger-pointing and positioning-for-history part of the campaign. It’s every man for himself now.
-former McCain strategist

Mr. Larson [] in the ad space with the talking points.

Bush in the White House with the checkbook [].

Capt. McCain at the podium with the purple heart [].

Mr. Wurzelbacher in the bathroom with the plunger.

Mrs. Palin in the designer jacket with the baby.

So who dunnit? Who should be held accountable for killing the Republican Party? Bush? Rove? McCain campaign manager Rick Davis?

The finger-pointing will continue for ages, but one thing’s for sure: if Republican Party was grooming Palin to win McCain the 2008 Presidential Election, then now they’re priming her to bear the brunt of the blame for a GOP demise if and when the party loses on November 4.

As if taking out an early insurance policy, an increasing number of insiders from the Republican party, including advisors to McCain and Palin, are confessing their concern [] with the vide-presidential nominee.

Sarah Palin may be the culprit, but the location and the weapon are not yet clear. She’s traded in her designer clothes for attire from her “favorite consignment shop in Anchorage Alaska” (has this been verified by the press? You betcha!), and objections to her toting around her special needs child for political gain do appear to be significant enough to hold back the campaign.

And after all, blaming Palin’s shopping spree or her exploitation of her own child could also arguably put the blame also on her advisors, and they are all hoping for a future in Washington.

In the smartest strategic move since the inception of this campaign cycle, GOP strategists are hoping to huddle in the sweet spot between continuing to push Palin onto the public for the sake of winning the White House, and branding her as the misfit who will be known in history books as the disobedient destroyer who brought the party down.

“She is a diva. She takes no advice from anyone. She does not have any relationships of trust with any of us, her family or anyone else,” one McCain advisor told CNN [].

Whatever the outcome is on Tuesday, we can be sure to count on the Republican Party’s drama to play out on a national stage for years to come.

–Jamie Wong