2008 Cape Farewell Voyage

The current climate-induced peril the world is experiencing can often be described in very drab, academic jargon that only a scientist would understand. This “members only” quality of the environmental movement presents a major barrier to involving a huge segment of the population in a concerted effort to reverse climate change. There are still people out there who feel human beings are not the cause of climate change (apparently dense scientific reports are not convincing or even approachable enough for these individuals).

Image from Cape Farewell website that depicts a google map that takes you through the expedition

David Buckland [www.capefarewell.com] created the Cape Farewell Project with the express intent of bridging the gap between science and art in the attempt to educate people about climate change. David recognizes that some people respond better to scientific education and other people prefer some type of entertainment aspect to be a part of their learning process. He decided that the combination of art and science could create a more widely accepted message about the need to understand and then take steps to create a healthy planetary environment.

The Cape Farewell Project is a yearly excursion of around 40 artists, scientists and educators. The ‘creative team,’ as they are called, get in a large sailboat and head up to arctic areas of the north pole. They call this region “The Front Lines of Climate Change.” On September 24th, the seventh excursion is scheduled to begin.

Some of the celebrities going on the trip include Feist, Laurie Anderson, Martha Wainwright, KT Turnstall, Robyn Hitchcock, Marcus Brigstocke and Ryuichi Sakamoto. Find out more details on the crew here [www.capefarewell.com].

If you are interested in getting more info about this noble enterprise, then you can head over to the Cape Farewell Website [www.capefarewell.com]. If you are looking to get periodic updates on the most important information, and would consider putting a Cape Farewell Widget on your own website, then you can find all the details about embedding this widget here [www.capefarewell.com].

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