Yang Peiyi and The Top 10 Dentally Damaged Pop Stars

By now you’ve heard of 9 year old, Lin Miaoke, who was Milli-Vanilli’d at the Olympic opening ceremonies by 7 year-old, Yang Peiyi. Apparently the subterfuge was undertaken to assuage Chinese Communist Party concerns that Yangs’ teeth would embarrass the motherland bucking across the Jumbotron. Thus, when it came time for little Yang to sing a solo, the cameras cut to orthodontic cutie pie, Lin Maoke, instead.

We feel for you Yang. Robbed of your fifteen minutes by a nod to superficiality. Imagine if all pop-stars were judged by their chompers alone? Think of the greats, the legends, in fact, that we might never have discovered.

Below is a list of the top 10 chomper challenged stars, we know would never have seen the light of day if the Chinese Communist Party ran the record labels.

Top 10 Dentally Challenged Pop Stars:

(Left) Amy Winehouse, (Right) Ol’ Dirty Bastard

(Left) Johnny Rotten, (Right) Shane McGowan

(Left) Anthony Kiedis, (Right) Steve Howe

(Left) Perry Farrell, (Right) Flavor Flav

(Left) Jewel, (Right) Thom Yorke

Now that you have seen the illustrious photos above, consider commenting on this post with how you would rank these celebrities. Which is the most unfortunate and which one would need the least amount of reconstructive surgery to have a beautiful smile?