Majora Carter's ECO HEROES: Jonathan Demme

Jonathan Demme believes that “film and literature can change a mind.” If a film causes a human mind to consider questions that it has not encountered before, therein lies a great possibility to influence that one person. The idea is that awareness allows people to make better decisions in their life. Jonathan warns people from thinking that you can change society with a great book or film, but he does imply that by moving individuals towards a more informed and knowledgeable understanding of the world, these people might collectively create a difference in society. This desire to better people makes Jonathan Demme an ECO HERO.

Jonathan Demme makes films that inspire thought and confront complacency. Mr. Demme has covered human rights issues as well as environmental issues in two of his films. The first film, Jimmy Carter Man from Plains was filmed 2006 through 2007. The film features comfortable interviews with Jimmy Carter in his country home. Since Jimmy Carter dedicated his life to fighting for human rights, one of the messages from Mr. Demme’s film cannot help but be related to environmental justice.

The second film, New Home Movies From the Lower 9th Ward, focuses on the human tragedy of post-hurricane Katrina New Orleans. The residents of the city talk about their harrowing existence in a city that still suffers from environmental disaster.

Check out the ECO HEROES video with Jonathan Demme.

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