Joel Makower Releases New Environmental Book

Large companies seek Joel Makower for his ability to develop green business strategies. His skills are so legendary that he has been dubbed “the guru of green business practices” by The Associated Press. He’s been advising start-ups and Fortune 50 giants for more than two decades. In this time, he has advised companies on the most profitable paths to becoming an environmentally sustainable business.

Strategies for the Green Economy: Opportunities and Challenges in the New World of Business distills Joel Makower’s years of advisory experience, and offers insights and inspiration for understanding and untangling the complexities and controversies of profiting in the growing green economy. Through real-life stories and first-hand experiences, Makower raises and answers complicated, fascinating, and resonant questions about the realities of greening your business. Whether catering to a shade of green customer (and there are many), or understanding what constitutes a “good enough” green company, whether selling everything from cars to coffee or determining when to lead the market and when to follow it, Makower’s engaging and realistic approach helps show the way.” (excerpted from official press release)

You can get the book here at Amazon [].

If your curiosity requires more ‘environmental goodness’ from Joel, make sure to check out his excellent blog []. Joel Makower’s fresh and insightful writings cover many prescient and important environmental topics. His confident prose and numerous references can enrich the environmental awareness of most readers.