Hiram Bullock

Hiram Bullock, the legendary jazz guitarist, crowd pleaser and funkmeister extrordinaire passed away of unknown causes on July 25th, 2008. If you ever saw Hiram play, you know just what a ferocious player he was. If you were lucky enough to catch him at one of his weekly gigs in NYC at Manny’s Car Wash or Chicago Blues you’re sure to remember the dazzling interplay between Hiram and David Letterman bassist Will Lee. Lee playing the bass with a plastic hair comb and Hiram weaving his signature chorused leads around the syncopation into a frenzied build that left audiences screaming.

Not just a local legend, Hiram’s fluid playing could be heard on many of the seminal rock albums of the 70′s and 80′s including, “Gaucho,” by Steely, “The Stranger,” by Billy Joel, “A Star is Born,” by Streisand and of course Sting’s “Nothing Like the Sun” cover of Hendrix’s Little Wing.

Hiram’s jazz chops were a force to be reckoned with. His PDB album with Jaco Pastorius was a true meeting of the minds. Two eccentrics, Bullock and Patorious truly united their kindred experimental spirits at this live show. You can still find it on CD although the quality isn’t great. The playing is historic and it will give you a sense of some of Hiram’s live energy.

Hiram, famous for playing barefoot, jammed with everyone from: The Letterman Band, Eric Clapton, Miles Davis, The Brecker Brothers, James Brown, Gil Evans, David Sanborn, Paul Simon, Chaka Kahn, Pete Townshend, Al Green, James Taylor and Burt Bacharach. Were those last three artists ever mentioned in the same sentence before? That list is truly a testament to Hiram’s versatility and virtuosity. We will miss you Hiram and hope to hear your tones in another life. For more on Hiram Bullock check here
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