Green Architecture Everywhere

As recently as THE GREEN [] and THE GOOD FIGHT [], Sundance Channel has covered environmental architecture in its myriad forms and projects. This important topic deserves a lot more attention. For that reason, Sundance Channel created a new original series called ARCHITECTURE SCHOOL [].

What better way to introduce you to the series than by showing you this clip from the first episode?

In this series, you follow the exploits of talented architectural students as they design and construct their first real buildings. This show lets experts and newcomers delve deep into the process of making a new building from scratch. We hope you enjoy.

Check out this webisode video clip from ARCHITECTURE SCHOOL

Because we care about feeding your curiosity for more architectural appreciation, and since Sundance Channel is dedicated to an environmentally aware world, we have created a special Eco-mmunity tour of sustainable architecture firms and their environmentally friendly buildings []. You will be able to browse through a specially curated list that caters to the theme of environmental architecture. Delight in seeing the geographic locations of all these healthy and resource efficient homes and the firms who build them. Absorb details about these innovative and often beautiful architectural projects on Eco-mmunity Map.