Majora Carter's ECO HEROES: Jerry Fiddler

Jerry Fiddler, Chairman of Solazyme, is a huge advocate of algae. All the Popeye comparisons aside, algae really can make you strong, or more precisely, can make your diesel engine run like a workhorse. Mr. Fiddler’s company ferments algae in enormous tanks, thereby refining the vegetable into a biodiesel fuel that can fuel your car.

The process used to make the fuel is entirely organic as you can also create consumer grade edible vegetable oil. This is another commercial application of algae. These two applications of algae are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what Solazyme is looking to do. They work with universities and many other companies that might be interested in a custom designed natural ingredient that could be used in the energy, chemical or medical industries.

Check out the ECO HEROES video with Jerry Fiddler.

In order to get a geographic appreciation of Solazyme, make sure to check out Jerry Fiddler’s Map Marker [] on Eco-mmunity Map.

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