Majora Carter's ECO HEROES: Ira Ehrenpreis

Ira Ehrenpreis is a General Partner at a company called Technology Partners, which primarily invests in what they call “Cleantech Companies” as well as select life sciences companies. Cleantech refers to any technology which is at worst carbon neutral and at best, actually promotes a cleaner environment.

One of the problems that Cleantech is poised to solve

Ira Ehrenpreis supports governmental subsidies for Cleantech companies, as he feels that they can use all the help they can get to compete with the entrenched fossil fuel energies already on the marketplace.

Check out the video of ECO HEROES with Ira Ehrenpreis right here in THE GREEN Blog.

In order to get a geographic appreciation of Technology Partners, make sure to check out Ira Ehrenpreis’ Map Marker [] on Eco-mmunity Map.

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