Environmental Charities At Global Giving Green

Donating money and volunteering time are two noble paths to improving the world and yourself. If you have the will, you can magnify your contributions immensely by picking the right charity to support. Global Giving Green excels in the ability to discern the charities whose missions make the greatest positive impact.

Sundance Channel’s Eco-mmunity proudly partners with Global Giving Green on the quest to create a healthy, just and compassionate world. Today, Global Giving Green joins Eco-mmunity as an “Action Partner.” We believe this partnership grants Eco-mmunity members an excellent method for improving the world.

Provide Safety For Children Living
Near Lead Battery Factories

If you want to get a quick overview of where all these charities are in the world, then make sure to check them out in the GlobalGiving Green Map Marker Group [www.sundance.tv]. If you are interested in getting more info on one of the charities, just click the “website” link in the top right corner of the map marker you are currently looking at.

Help Low-Income Families Get On
The Solar Grid

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