DIY Green: Electric Vehicles

You can use Eco-mmunity as a means of getting assistance switching over to electric vehicle transportation. If you want to connect with a person who is looking to convert gasoline motorcycles into electric motorcycles, then definitely check out member “russ2″ and his map marker. This nice fellow wants to convert your old motorcycle into an electric vehicle. When you click this link to his map marker [], make sure to click the “contact” button in the upper right corner of the marker and Eco-mmunity will send a message directly to the inbox of “russ2.”

If you are looking for more info on converting cars and motorcycles to use batteries instead of fuel, there’s a fantastic community-driven website that can hook you up with experts who are making these retrofits right now. Check out DIY Electric Car Forums []. You will find some really great advice and a thriving community of car modders. Maybe it is time for you to strap in and straddle an electric motorcycle. Will it make you the second coming of the Fonz? Probably not, but a duck tail and a little grease can work wonders. (Just try not to jump any sharks.)

Converting your vehicle to run on electricity could be an integral part of the green movement. Read below to find out why.

While large infrastructure investments into a green economy are vital to creating a healthy world, the lifestyles of individual people are collectively a greater force for creating a healthy environment. The reason for this is simple: buying patterns dictate to a large degree how green the manufacturing of a product will be. If everyone bought products that were produced sustainably and were good for the planet, we would not need government to step in a regulate. (Indeed, our current government frequently argues that the free market should decide such matters.) If 10% of Americans stopped buying fossil fuel cars and instead bought electric cars, the laws of competition would force companies to research and develop more efficient and cheaper electric cars.

Now it may seem overwhelming to consider how you could start driving an electric vehicle, as there are few suppliers for the product and most electric vehicles are prohibitively expensive for mass adoption. The solution to this problem is very often a Do-It-Yourself one. You could convert a regular fossil fuel car into an electric vehicle with time, patience and a drive to save the planet.

If you would rather buy a brand new electric vehicle, there are some options available to you. For an uncompromising electric sports car, check out the Tesla Roadster Video below.

If you are looking for a slightly more space age car, then you want to check out the NMG (No More Gas) vehicle in the video below.

Check out the Enertia Bike []. These beautiful works of art are being released as a limited edition model. Reserve one if you have the money.

Nissan has also announced plans to launch at least one all-electric car in the United States by 2012, and General Motors is readying the Chevy Volt – a “plug-in hybrid” – for mass production even earlier: 2010. That’s just two years away. To read more about the Volt, click here []. (Wait, aren’t they the guys that “killed the electric car” []? Yup – but with gas prices at over $4 a gallon and gasoline-powered car sales way down [], they’ve had a change of heart.)

One big problem with electric cars has always been performance vs. range. The cars linked above all aim to solve that problem in novel ways.

Head onto Google and search for electric cars if you want to find some more options.