City Guide For Walking

Good exercise is the backbone of a healthy lifestyle. This does not mean that you have to be a triathlete in order to be at your best. In fact, many people can get by on the exercise you get from walking. If you watch your diet carefully and make sure to take a daily walk, then there is no reason why you cannot be an ideal weight and maintain muscle tone that turns heads on the street. Walking may not give you eight-pac abs but it delivers a full-body workout. Walking also comes naturally, meaning that nearly anybody with the will for it is equipped with the ideal tools to enjoy the activity.

Enjoying the scenery is another reason to love walking; taking a stroll through your local community is a fantastic way of getting closer to your community and all the goods things a closer inspection of it can provide. Deciding to walk down a street that one has never traversed before can elicit surprising finds, such as a little community garden or a cute cafe where one can meet up with people from the neighborhood.

Whether you love to find cool neighborhoods you can stroll through on foot or are looking to shrink your carbon footprint by walking more, there is a website out there that has been created just for you. Seattle-based civic software company Front Seat has just completed a makeover of its one-year old site, [], where it has unveiled the top 10 most walkable cities and neighborhoods among the nation’s 40 largest cities. The national walkability list is the first list that looks at 2,508 neighborhoods nationally and identifies the closest grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops and other amenities near a given address. Type in a given address and presto, the neighborhood is given a walkability score from 1-100 (100 being the most walkable). The coolest part is that in addition to comparing addresses or just looking up a current address’ walkability score the site now features a walkability “heat map” for each city with green areas demarking highly walkable neighborhoods and red areas demarking unwalkable areas.

Walking can be a great activity to do with a friend or a loved one. Hikers have been around for thousands of years; human beings have created footpaths throughout the world, fueled by the desire to explore all the nooks and crannies of the world. Cities are the modern equivalent of these footpaths, yielding discoveries about the human communities that are the ecological building blocks of cosmopolitan life.

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