Business makes the human world go around in the 21st century. With the exception of a few native cultures hidden away in jungles, who shoot arrows at helicopters they see as “flying black monsters,” there is no part of the world that is not affected by the way in which the world’s companies conduct business. Investing money and hiring people in depressed countries like Africa is a very sustainable way of making environmental change, especially when the businesses are making environmentally friendly products.


This week’s episode of big ideas features three businesses that are building environmental measures into their corporate culture. Lexus [www.lexus.com] has been making luxury cars from the very conception of the business. Mark Templin, Vice President and General Manager of Lexus, thinks that sustainability and luxury should go hand in hand. That is exactly what Lexus is working hard to achieve. They have one of the largest office buildings in the world that has obtained the Gold LEED certification. Since buildings make a lot of pollution, more office buildings like this could make a positive impact on the environment.

Ali Hewson, co-founder of Edun [www.edunonline.com] Clothing, is very interested in helping Africans to reclaim their industriousness. Edun, co-founded by Bono, tries to employ Africans to create materials for clothing and also to create the clothing itself. Rogan Gregory, Creative Director of Edun, discusses how aid is important for helping countries like Africa but comments on the idea that doing business in Africa is a more sustainable model for helping Africa.

Robyn Beavers, the Director of Environmental Programs at Google, works with the companies many youthful employees to solve problems around the google offices. Whether it comes to recycling or having organic food in the company cafeteria, Google is working with consideration for nature. Check out the Google Store [www.googlestore.com], because it is going green.

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ECOISTS: Jason Lewis [www.sundance.tv]

Jason Lewis, popularly known from his sexy role on Sex & the City, is a big fan of altering the way supply and demand works so that sustainable products become more competitive. Making products more affordable and better for the earth will allow consumers to nudge the direction of the economy towards a sustainable path. Jason works with Global Green [www.globalgreen.org] to influence companies towards making earth-friendly products.

ECO BIZ: SOLTAGE [www.sundance.tv]

This company makes going green easy for businesses. If you own your business and want to protect the environment while lowering your energy costs, then you have found the holy grail in Soltage [www.soltage.com]. Soltage pays for the capitol investment costs of setting up solar panels on the roof of a business. They install the system, maintain it and sell that electricity to the company in question at a reduced rate. This means you only have to sign a service contract with Soltage and you make money off of the energy savings. Soltage makes plenty of money in this situation as well because the capitol costs are gradually paid back to them with the interest rate only the sun can guarantee. Solar energy is so plentiful, so why not?

CRUDE IMPACT [www.sundance.tv]

Learn about the oil industry and you might be able to get a handle on some of the energy challenges that oppose the modern world’s shift towards a sustainable economy.

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