The animal kingdom has always been especially intriguing for humans, since that is the kingdom of which we are a member. Although we distinguish ourselves through intelligence, much about animal cultures holds tremendous relevance and impact on human civilization. Maybe the animals in the Bronx Zoo have something to teach all of us?


Paul Curington, the operations manager of the Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center, talks about how green shelters are vastly better for the health of the animals and make a big difference in energy and water conservation. This shelter would be a great place to adopt an animal. Here [metroplexanimalcoalition.blogspot.com] is a little piece on the opening ceremony for the building.

Linda Welch loves her animals, and she very much wanted to find a way of extending her love to more animals in the world. She started a pet food supply store called Green Pets to do just this. She wants to promote healthy food for animals, in fact, her animals probably eat better than 90% of the people in the world. Check out this blog post [greenpets.blogspot.com] on the wonderful pet store.

The Bronx Zoo in New York City is one of the leading conservation organizations in the world. Different than normal wildlife protection companies, the Zoo has a direct market application to creating preserves for animals within the palatially large zoo center in the Bronx. Discover more about this wonderful zoo and also learn about their special gorilla program.

To learn more about the whole BIG IDEAS FOR A SMALL PLANET series, check out THE GREEN [www.sundance.tv].

If you are interested in finding the physical locations for some of the BIG IDEAS businesses, check out the marker group [www.sundance.tv].

ECOISTS: Ed Norton [www.sundance.tv]

Ed Norton thoughtfully frames the environmental movement as the most important social issue of the current generation. He draws a comparison to World War II and the civil rights movement of the sixties. He feels that our generation will be judged on whether or not we can solve this climate problem.

ECO BIZ: PIZZA FUSION [www.sundance.tv]

Featuring all organic ingredients, this pizza shop cuts no corners to create the absolute healthiest pizza in the universe. Run out of a LEED certified building, this store saves on their energy bill as they also make sure to cut down on all of their food waste. We are sure you can taste it now.

THE GREAT WARMING [www.sundance.tv]

Filmed in eight countries in four continents, this film gives a panoramic view of the planet in crisis. Through the narration of Keanu Reeves and Alanis Morrisette, this film explores solutions that are waiting mass scale adoption. Do you have the will to move your local community towards change? Talking about the solutions is the first step to getting society used to the possibility of going green.

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