Easy Money-Saving Retrofit: Programmable Thermostat

You do not always have to start from scratch when you want to save energy. While it is true that building a LEED certified building from the ground up can net you the best energy efficiency for your heating and cooling needs, you can get really close to that same efficiency by investing in new gadgets to modernize your existing home. The EPA encourages people to get to know their programmable thermostats.

EPA’s research has shown that most consumers with programmable thermostats do not know how to use them to maximize energy savings. When programmed properly, these products can save about $180 a year on energy bills – but the majority of consumers have not achieved their full energy and dollar savings potential.

As part of ENERGY STAR’s year-long Change the World, Start with ENERGY STAR campaign EPA has developed proper use guidelines for programmable thermostats, which include:
- Lower the temperature setting by 8 degrees when you’re away or asleep in the winter.
- Raise the temperature setting by 7 degrees when you’re away and 4 degrees when you’re asleep in the summer.
- Save even more by using the “Vacation” and “Hold” features to manage temperatures while you’re away from home for an extended period.

Starting June 5th, EPA will also provide consumers with valuable tips and resources to help them get on the right track. The following info will be available at www.energystar.gov.

If you prefer a visual tutorial on thermostats, check out this video from the EPA.

To improve the efficiency of your lifestyle in other ways, you can find more strategies and product recommendations here [www.energystar.gov].