Al Gore's Alliance For Climate Protection

Al Gore’s commitment to the environment inspires hope. Here’s an individual who could have gone in any direction after being the Vice President and very nearly becoming the President in 2000. Given all that opportunity, Al Gore chose to focus on the environment because he rightly sees that it is not just panda bears and gorillas that need protection from extinction, it is humans that are facing extinction. Of course, extinction technically draws near when population levels of an organism drop to dangerously low levels, and is often combined with a limited amount of habitats where the organism lives.

Humans are endangered because we are held to a higher standard for extinction. As has been said many times before, intelligence and self awareness distinguish human beings from the majority of life forms on the planet. Our capacity for communication and learning means that we are capable of predicting our own extinction hundreds of years before it actually occurs. Humans also harbor the capability and the predilection to change the surface, air and water on the planet in truly global fashions.

Al Gore started the Alliance for Climate Protection in order to bring more people into the process of caring about the lives that we lead. In the same way as a boat’s wake can be dangerous to marine animals, so to does the wake of the human being affect organisms far and wide.

It is refreshing to visit a non-profit organization’s website that contains a very simple but thorough set of tools for making a difference on an important issue. When that issue also happens to be climate protection, well that makes this blog post writer extremely happy. Make sure you get engaged with saving the biosphere at Alliance For Climate Protection [].

You will find that the website is displayed in a very easy to follow format. If you find great resources on the website and begin to take action to mitigate climate change, we hope you will take that opportunity to login to Sundance Channel and make a “Green Action Taken” Marker on Eco-mmunity Map. Outlining your contribution for the world to appreciate could be the inspiration that gets another person to follow your example. You can also link to any map marker on Eco-mmunity Map by clicking the “grab link” button and pasting that info in your MySpace, Facebook or Miscellaneous Website.