Enjoy two companies and one educational organization as they present the ways in which they are working to make transportation a more green activity.

Meet Mia Birk, co-founder of Alta Planning & Design [], a business that operates out of Portland, Oregon. Mia is a staunch advocate for using bicycles for transportation, especially in cities. Her organization works to modernize streets by creating bike paths throughout the city.

The next segment of BIG IDEAS FOR A SMALL PLANET focuses on two promising PHD students from MIT’s Media Lab []. Ryan Chin, a PHD student of Arts and Design has teamed up with the Mechanical Engineering PHD student, Raul-david “retro” Poblano to create a “city car.” The idea is to make an economical vehicle that runs on electricity and allows for easy transport around the city.

The third subject in this week’s episode is Thomas Adballah, chief environmental engineer at NYC transit. Thomas works at the Corona Maintenance Facility, and presides over train maintenance in a state-of-the-art sustainable maintenance facility. They have solar panels, natural lighting, rainwater collection and reclaimation systems that integrate to lower the carbon footprint of the facility.

To learn more about the whole BIG IDEAS FOR A SMALL PLANET series, check out THE GREEN [].

If you are interested in finding the physical locations for some of the BIG IDEAS businesses, check out the marker group [].

ECOISTS: Kevin Bacon []

Kevin Bacon invests his time and effort on helping other people change the environment while simultaneously providing relief for places that have suffered environmental catastrophes like hurricanes or earthquakes. He believes it is humanities’ responsibility to fix climate change, which many scientists now believe contributes to more dangerous and frequent hurricanes and tornadoes. Check out his charity, [] and find out if you can make a difference.

ECO BIZ: John Hardy Jewelry []

John Hardy Jewelry creates all types of jewelry with sustainable methods. This exquisite, hand-crafted line of jewelry is described by the company as products that fit into the category of sustainable luxury. Find out about the work of this exciting company and get a glimpse of their manufacturing centers in Bali, Indonesia.

This Eco-doc focuses on the history of the automobile at the beginning of the 20th century. The way in which cars were introduced into the streets of the city has led to what many feel is an unbearable level of congestion and waste as cars get bogged down in traffic. Saving fuel and making commutes more efficient are a great way to save energy that America desperately needs right now, so the filmmaker uses the example of the three cities of London, Paris and Copenhagen, whose methods of dealing with vehicle congestion are inventive and interesting to compare to the methods used in cities like New York.

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