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Discover three companies that are making it easier for people to grow more things in their home and in their community. Jorg Breuning is a roof garden expert who runs the company Green Roof Services LLC [] Jorg helps Majora Carter build a roof garden on top of her home in the South Bronx. Having a thin layer of soil on the roof reduces stormwater runoff pollution and also lowers the energy required to heat and cool the building. Perhaps the best perk is the heavenly slice of nature available on your roof.

The second business is really a home business run by Vynnie McDaniels [], and he is a xeriscape garden consultant. Xeriscape gardening specializes in designing gardens that are “water wise” or that require small amounts of water to upkeep. It incorporates special selections of plants that do well in hot, arid climates. These gardens are beautiful and different from every day gardens.

Finally, learn about a new, unofficial but very fun holiday called National Parking Day. Initiated by the Trust For Public Land [], National Parking Day (Every September 21st) happens all over the country and asks people to create small patches of nature in the middle of an urban setting. People unroll sod, pull out a lawn chair and maybe a potted plant, and simply enjoy the day. The idea is to promote the beauty and importance of public parks in cities.

To learn more about the whole BIG IDEAS FOR A SMALL PLANET series, check out THE GREEN [].

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ECOISTS: Don Cheadle []

Don Cheadle talks about American supermarkets and how the range and quality of food sold there is so much better than 98% of the world. Don Cheadle wants Americans to take a stronger role in helping the rest of the world eat healthy foods.

ECO BIZ: Green Order []

Andrew Schapiro, of Green Order [], a New York City consulting firm that helps companies who are looking to green their business. His company has worked with GE, Pfizer and many other large companies including the work they did on the 7 World Trade Center building, which was one of the first Green Certified office buildings to be built in NYC.

It is very good to hear about big companies making green changes to the way they do business. Hopefully this is just the tip of the iceberg for a green revamping of the business world.


Tucked away in the northern New Mexico desert is a community of individuals who have lived outside the society at large. Depicted as unusual, many of the characters in this community are quite colorful in their forms of expression and the way in which they adorn their homes. Take a trip to a different kind of community in this eco-doc.

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