Fashion represents a good portion of how we see ourselves as a community of human beings. Fashion helps to create role models for the youth in society. Seeing a string of celebrities treading the red carpet at the Oscars makes a big impact on the desires and dreams that the average person sets for themselves. Many people might think to themselves, I want to be like that celebrity who wears designer suits and drives luxury race cars around the private race track outside their mansion. If all those expensive and high class products are produced in an environmentally dangerous manner, then what signal is our culture sending to impressionable young minds.

Sundance Channel has found a few examples of high fashion that has an environmental conscience. Dig into this blog post and hopefully enjoy the videos and descriptions presented.


The first subject is Tierra Forte, founder of Del Forte Denim []. She is interested in providing a way for people to look great and to embody environmental values through the clothing they wear. When it comes to cleaning your clothes, you might want to talk with Rusty Perry, Co-founder of Revolution Cleaners []. His dry cleaning company focuses on making clothing look brand new by using natural chemicals and making as little impact on the environment as possible.

ECOISTS: James Blunt []

James Blunt is a professional musician who has toured many of the cities in the world. He feels that the collective carbon footprint of the cities is far too large. He is a supporter of an organization called Friends of the Earth []. This grassroots organization has worked diligently to oppose harmful industrial activities and are currently lobbying the English government to adopt a more aggressive environmental policy.

ECO BIZ: SB Green Building []

Discover how the Smith Barney building in Long Island City is changing the way the enormous financial company does business. If you are interested in green investing, make sure to take a tour of the green investors [] listed on Eco-mmunity Map.


Using the example of the daily commute from the suburbs to the job in the big city, this film considers some of the possible outcomes that may come to pass if the world reaches a point of peak oil. You can learn what peak oil means by checking out the video clip below.

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