This week’s programming on THE GREEN focuses on the ways in which everyday life can be made more sustainable. From the products that you put and use in your homes to new types of homes constructed from reused shipping containers, this week can give you some ideas for use in everyday living.


Demolishing a home can be a simple thing if you want to write off everything in the building. However, there are probably many parts of the home that would be useful to resell or reuse in a new home. Enter Michael Gainer and his deconstruction company Buffalo Reuse [www.buffaloreuse.org]. This non-profit community based organization promotes a local reuse strategy for common home products like doors, window frames, cabinets and anything else that can be salvaged from a home before deconstruction.

Many of the shipping containers that go back and forth between the United States and China end up sitting in huge dumps in ports. Partly, this is caused because China buys a tiny amount of American exports. The problem here is that there is nothing to do with these shipping containers. Architect Peter Demaria is the principal designer at Logical Homes [logicalhomes.com]. He makes use of these unwanted shipping containers by using them as the primary ingredient in sustainable home construction. This is an example of creativity at its best.

Michael McDonough is a talented scientist and architect who built his own weekend house. He calls it the E-House [www.michaelmcdonough.com], and he describes it as a place where architectural and sustainable experiments are conducted. Find out more.

To learn more about the whole BIG IDEAS FOR A SMALL PLANET series, check out THE GREEN [www.sundance.tv].

If you are interested in finding the physical locations for some of the BIG IDEAS businesses, check out the marker group [www.sundance.tv].

ECOISTS: Famke Janssen [www.sundance.tv]

Famke Janssen decided that there was a seriously dangerous connection between oil and climate change. She feels our over reliance on petroleum is putting everything she cares about in jeopardy. She got involved with EndOil.com [www.endoil.org] to see if there was a way for her to help solve this important problem.

ECO BIZ: LIVING HOMES [www.sundance.tv]

Living Homes [www.livinghomes.net] was started by Steve Glenn. His company builds green homes that can take only eight hours to build and save countless natural resources. This unbelievable business is one of the first of its kind. The home has sophisticated controls for monitoring energy use in the home as well as water usage. The structure of the homes are made out of steel, so they are quite sturdy, just in case you thought we were pitching you thatch huts…

WEATHER REPORT [www.sundance.tv]

Water becomes an increasingly valued natural resource in today’s world. Oftentimes a water shortage can be a dangerous problem for an ecosystem. In this documentary, too much water poured onto Bombay streets. Complete pandemonium ensued and the government was completely unprepared to deal with the situation. Many people felt as if the government did not exist and had to find their own ways of surviving.

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