Mobile Power Station: Solar Blimp

In light of the Myanmar cyclone disaster, providing power to a region that has lost all public utilities is clearly something the world community could use. One invention has been created to do just this; you can feast your eyes on this solar-powered blimp that can even fly by remote control (useful for providing aid to populations ruled by those pesky dictatorships and military juntas).

Image and Story Inspiration Courtesy of Ecogeek []

The imagination could really go wild with this invention. If there were more electric cars on the market and on American roads, you could use these blimps as portable electric charging stations, similar to the way gas stations operate now, but mobile. You could also create a smaller version of the blimp that you can store in the trunk of your car, when you park it outside Walmart and spend an hour shopping, you would return to a recharged car battery. Truly awesome!