Eco-mmunity Challenge: Map Your World

Eco-mmunity Map is intended to help people post and find “green resources” so that individuals can attain a sustainable lifestyle, and so that society can collectively lower its carbon footprint. In order to use Eco-mmunity Map effectively to help green the world, it is important to define what is meant by a “green resource.”

Green resources could be many things to many different people but here are a few of the basic categories:

- People Interested In Helping The Environment (Team up with people making a difference or share knowledge on personal techniques for improving the environment)

- Organic Restaurants

- Farmers Markets

- Any store that sells environmentally friendly products

- Green related events like (Earthday Celebrations, Environmental Conferences and Environmental Fund Raising Events.

- Used Merchandise or Pre-owned Shops (Second Hand Furniture, Clothing, Electronics, Book Stores, Flea Markets, etc…)

- Green Investment Firms

- Hybrid Car / Electric Car Dealerships

- Recycling Centers

- Pollution Sites (We have to identify where the environmental problem is, what causes it, and only then can we actively fix the problem)

- Biofueling Stations

- Gardens, Parks, Camping Sites, Swimming Holes, etc… (It is important to enjoy nature and also to bring commerce to botanical gardens, nature preserves and other places where appreciation for nature can generate supportive and restorative activities)

- Green Construction Companies, Green Building Supplies

- Green Buildings (The more popular they become, the more of them people and businesses will build)

- Green related websites, podcasts and community centers

- Alternative energy suppliers and power companies

These are just a few of the potential green resources that can help society become more sustainable. If you know of any green resource, then search the map [] to see if it is already there. If you find it on the map, consider adding a comment about the green resource. You will find the “comment” button at the bottom right corner of every map marker. If your green resource is not on the map, then we invite you to create a marker now []. Keep in mind that you must be logged into Sundance Channel with a user profile in order to create markers. If you want to become a member of Sundance Channel then head over to our Member Sign Up Page [] and join today.