Want to Be Featured in our Upcoming Web Series THE GOOD FIGHT? Tell Us Your Story!

If there’s a problem in your area or if you are working to solve a problem in your community we’re interested to learn more. We want Eco-mmunity to be a place where users can find one another, share information and hopefully solve problems together.

Simran Sethi’s upcoming original web series, THE GOOD FIGHT, is devoted to building awareness for the rapidly growing field of environmental justice. THE GOOD FIGHT launches on Earth Day, April 22nd, and will include a multi-media mix of webisodes, blogs and podcasts that will confront issues of sustainability and their varied affects on diverse types of people and communities.

We will be visiting the LOS ANGELES AREA soon and are looking for Eco-mmunity members and groups to feature in THE GOOD FIGHT. Here’s your shot to get the word out about what you’re doing! So tell us your story! Add a “green action needed” marker for yourself or group on the Eco-mmunity Map [www.sundance.tv]. We will be scouring map markers from the LA area for story ideas. This is a great opportunity to build awareness for your cause, group or work. But even if you don’t live in Los Angeles don’t despair. The best markers added to the Eco-mmunity Map will be included in THE GOOD FIGHT map marker group. We will be promoting this group throughout the spring and summer and hope that increased awareness of your story will translate into support and real world problem solving.

You can find THE GOOD FIGHT WEBSITE here [www.sundance.tv] starting April 18th, 2008.

“Climate change has no boundaries and we all have a shared stake,” commented Sethi. “THE GOOD FIGHT” is an attempt to illuminate areas people may not have considered in regards to environmentalism, such as water access, architecture and green-collared jobs. We’ve been made aware of saving the whales, saving the trees—we also need to be saving our communities,”

THE GOOD FIGHT will feature interviews and videos on a range of environmental justice issues. To give you a flavor of things to come, Sethi meets with local residents of Greensburg, Kansas, a farming community that was nearly decimated by a tornado in 2007, to hear their hopes and plans as they rebuild as a “green town”. Sethi will also interview activists and leading thinkers in the movement including: Robert Bullard, father of environmental justice and director of the Environmental Justice Resource Center at Clark Atlanta University, Omar Freilla, expert in the green-collar economy and creator of The Green Worker Cooperative in the Bronx and Clayton Thomas Muller, the indigenous oil campaign organizer for the Indigenous Environmental Network.

Here’s how to add yourself to the Eco-mmunity Map:

1) Login to Sundance Channel [www.sundance.tv].

2) Click “View/Add Green Markers” button located in your member profile area [www.sundance.tv] and create a “green action needed” map marker. The writing in the marker should relate to circumstances or events directly related to the local community or region. Make sure to place the marker as close as possible to the actual site or area where the real life problem exists.

3) Be sure to include appropriate email and or phone number contact information so Sundance Channel can contact you.

4) Include “Environmental Justice: (Title of your story)” as the first part of your marker’s title.

5) Indicate whether you have or can get images that can paint a picture of the environmental justice issue you are describing.

6) Enter a website link if there is one applicable to the story you are submitting.

7) As only the best markers will be selected for follow up by our team, try to add as much detail as you can in the marker itself. Try to focus on describing the problem in the most objective fashion, although some degree of emotional intensity will obviously be natural in these stories.

This is your chance to shine a light on a problem that has probably been ignored for too long, so seize the moment!