Most of the baby boomers have procreated and the result is generation Y. Young and eager to carve an identity for themselves, this new generation has recently reached adulthood and they are inventively using technology and open-mindedness to reach new heights of sustainability. Embodying the future, generation Y has been experiencing the environmental fallout of a over-consumptive world that creates more trash than a mountain on a daily basis. These young people are in the trenches of industry trying to create new jobs and opportunities for themselves in the rapidly growing sustainable market place. Continue reading to find videos and some introductory thoughts about this week’s shows in THE GREEN.


Adam Gardener and his wife Lauren Sullivan run Reverb [], a company which helps famous bands like Dave Mathews, Jack Johnson and Maroon 5 in lowering the carbon footprint of their concert tours. Couple Gabriel Albin and Thryn Lee get married in the episode, and naturally they want to have a green wedding. In the final segment, check out Alec Lentz, a student at Pitzer College who describes the new environmentally-friendly student housing on the campus.

ECOISTS: Carole King []

Carole King is a well known musician who has moved the hearts of countless people with her beautiful songs. She wanted to be an Ecoist because she cares deeply about the “Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act” that is somewhere in the upcoming agenda of the U.S. Congress. Her charity of choice is the “Alliance for the Wild Rockies.” [] They are trying to get people to write letters to their representatives so that the Ecosystem Protection Act will get passed. Carole King explains the whole thing in the video below.

ECO BIZ: Plenty Magazine []

Mark Spellen founded Plenty Magazine, a stylish magazine all about cutting-edge ecologically friendly products and events. The magazine has reached so many people by appealing to their appreciation for excellence, meaning that only the best things are featured in Plenty. Discover more in the video below.


Watch the time lapse construction of Boston’s first sustainable residence building. This documentary features an engaging soundtrack as the industrious individuals create this exciting new building.

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